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Daniel Burnap
  • Born: 1 Nov 1759, Coventry CT
  • Died: 26 Sep 1838

  General notes:

Silversmith, watch, and clockmaker

  Events in his life were:

  • Flynt & Fales:, . 3 Made gold beads, silver spoons and buckles, repaired watches and jewelry. Known as an expert clockmaker and engraver of clock dials. His clocks are recognized to be as fine as any made in New England at that time.
  • He worked in 1781-1785 as a silversmith, watch, and clockmaker in Coventry CT 3
  • He worked in 1785-1796 as a silversmith, watch, and clockmaker in East Windsor CT 3
  • Master to Eli Terry Abt 1785-1892 in East Windsor CT.

  • Tall case clock, c 1785
    Private Collection
  • Master to Abiel Bliss, Daniel Kellogg, Thomas Lyman.
  • Advertised on 28 Mar 1790 (East Windsor CT), that at his shop in East Windsor, clocks of various kinds may be had on short notice on most reasonable terms (warranted), and ". . . takes this method to inform the public that although he works in many other branches common for those in the silversmith line as also surveyor's Compasses, watch repairing etc., yet notwithstanding clockmaking is intended as the governing business of his shop . . . ." 3

  • Clock face, c 1790-1794
    Historic Deerfield
    h: 16 5/8"
    w: 12"
    Silvered brass
  • Master to Daniel Porter 1793 in East Windsor CT.
    This indenture made between Ezekiel Loomis of East Windsor, County of Hartford, guardian to Daniel Porter, a minor on the one part, and Daniel Burnap of town and county aforesaid on the other part witnesseth that this Ezekiel Loomis does put, place, and bind Daniel Porter to be an apprentice unto Daniel Burnap from the date hereof until he, Daniel Porter, shall arrive to twenty-one years of age, he being seventeen years old on the 20th day of July last, all which term of time the apprentice his Master faithfully shall serve, his secrets keep, his lawful commands gladly obey.
    He shall do no damage to his Master, nor see it to be done of others without giving notice thereof to his Master. He shall not waste his Master's goods nor lend them unlawfully to any.
    He shall not commit fornication nor contract matrimony within the aforesaid term--at cards, dice, or any unlawful game he shall not play. He shall not absent himself by day or by night from his Master's service without leave, nor haunt taverns or play horses, but shall, in all things, behave himself as a faithful apprentice ought to do towards his Master
    --and Ezekiel Loomis to find and furnish the apprentice all the wearing apparel he shall want during his apprenticeship--
    And Daniel Burnap doth hereby covenant and promise to teach or cause the apprentice to be taught and instructed in the art, trade, or calling of clockmaking, silversmithing, and watch repairing so far as his business will admit, and will provide meat, drink, washing, lodging, and mending clothes suitable for such an apprentice, and at the expiration of said term, dismiss him from his apprenticeship, in testimony whereof the parties to these presents have hereunto interchangeably set their hands and seals this 18th day of February 1793.
    Signed sealed and delivered.
    Ezekiel Loomis
    Daniel Burnap
    Daniel Porter
    In the presence of
    Thomas Bancroft
    Sally Porter
  • He worked in 1797 as a silversmith, watch, and clockmaker in Bolton CT 3
  • Master to Nathaniel Olmstead Abt 1798 in Bolton CT. 1

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