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Bradbury Melon Bailey
  • Born: 16 May 1824, Unity NH
  • Died: 17 Jan 1913, Rutland VT

  General notes:

Silversmith and jeweler

  Events in his life were:

  • He worked in 1843-1848 as a silversmith in Woodstock VT as a journeyman in the shop of his master, Roswell Bailey. 8
  • He worked in 1848-1853 as a silversmith and jeweler in Ludlow VT 16
  • He appeared on the 1850 census taken at Ludlow VT, listed as a silversmith.
  • He worked in 1853-1881 as a silversmith and jeweler in Rutland VT shop located at 17 Merchants Row. Ceased silversmithing in 1875, but continued as a jeweler and watchmaker. 16
  • Advertised in the Vermont Almanac and Statistical Register, 1853, as a jeweler. 4

  • Receipt, 8 Jul 1856
    Private Collection

    Rutland July 8 1856

    Jas M Bailey


    Bot of B M Bailey

    2 set Silver Teas


    1 pr Tables 64 pwt


    1      "      "      55      "





    If you do not want all these spoons, sell

    them to some body

  • Advertised in the Vermont Directory and Commercial Almanac, 1857, as a manufacturer of silverware, jeweler, purveyor of fancy goods. 4
  • He appeared on the 1860 census taken at Rutland VT, listed as a jeweler.


  • Advertised in the Walton's Register, 1868-1871, as BAILEY & PARKER, silversmiths, jewelers, and watchmakers 4
  • He appeared on the 1870 census taken at Rutland VT, listed as a manufacturing silversmith.
  • He was a partner in 1871-1875 with Chester Parmenter and Walter H. Parmenter in Rutland VT as BAILEY & PARMENTERS. At the death of Walter in 1874, the name changed to BAILEY & PARMENTER. Chester Parmenter was his former journeyman. 16

  • Tradecard, Bef 1875
    Winterthur Library
  • Advertised in the Gazetteer of Rutland County, 1875-1881, as B. M. Bailey, jeweler. 4
  • He appeared on the 1880 census taken at Rutland VT, listed, with surname mis-spelled as Burley, as a silversmith.

  • Tradecard, c 1880
    Private Collection

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