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John Kinnicutt Pitman
  • Born: 20 Feb 1779, Providence RI
  • Died: 12 Jun 1819, Providence RI

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  Events in his life were:

  • Alternate Mark originally used by his father, but also found on examples that date after his death in 1804.

  • Alternate Mark
  • Providence RI, 1804: with his mother and half brother Samuel, executor of his father's estate. 3
  • Advertised in the Providence Gazette (Providence RI), 15 Sep 1804, for claims against his father's estate and noted that "the manufacturing of Goldsmith's, Silversmith's and Jeweller's Ware is prosecuted by the Sons of the Deceased who hope to retain the Patronage they experienced while connected in Business with their late Father." 3
  • Advertised in the Providence Gazette (Providence RI), 1805-1812, for JOHN K. PITMAN & Co.; "silver plate made to latest patterns in coffee and tea sets" and "wanted, two honest, ingenious lads as apprentices to the goldsmith's and jeweller's Business" and "manufacture and warrant gold and silversmith's and jeweller's ware. Also for sale, Spanish Cigars and linens and books." 3
  • Providence RI, 1805: executor of Benjamin Linesey's and Nathaniel Cushing's estates. 3
  • Appointed in 1806 as Director of Providence Fire Insurance Co. In Providence RI 3
  • Advertised in the Providence Gazette (Providence RI), 1807-1811, "Young women wanted to work in mill in Warwick" and "lads to learn to spin on a Mill." 3
  • Advertised in the Providence Gazette (Providence RI), 27 Aug 1808, notifying the public that JOHN K. PITMAN & Co. has severed any business connection with GALEN AND A. RICHMOND. 3

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