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1. Mrs. Anna Dubosq

Henry Dubosq
  • Born: 1801, Pennsylvania
  • Marriage (1): Mrs. Anna Dubosq

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  • He appeared on the 1850 census taken at Philadelphia PA, listed as a jeweler.

  • He was issued design patent number 23,760 on 26 Apr 1859


    Specification of Letters Patent No. 23,760, dated April 26, 1859.

    To all whom it may concern:
    Be it known that I, Henry Dubosq, of the city and county of Philadelphia and. State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Strung Pearl Jewelry, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification, in which—
    Figure 1 represents my improvement applied to a strung pearl necklace. Fig. 2 represents my improvement applied to a strung pearl bracelet. Fig. 3 represents a section of the necklace on the line of the connecting bar and links.
    My improvement in jewelry relates to that description known in the trade as strung pearl work which consists of links or plates of mother of pearl cut into various devices and forms, and which constitute the bed or foundation on which the pearls are strung.
    Heretofore the method adopted to connect or join the different pieces or plates, to form a necklace or other article, of this description of jewelry has been to unite the separate pieces by means of short connecting links of pearls strung on horse hair or silk, or by links of silk or horse hair alone, the silk or horse hair being passed through holes near the edge of each plate, and tied, thus connecting the plates with each other.
    It will be readily seen that the durability of the work is wholly dependent upon the strength of the connecting threads, and upon the strength of the mother of pearl plates, both of which are fragile and neither capable of bearing only a slight strain, without breaking. Hence it is that in this description of jewelry, those articles such as necklaces, in which a large portion of the plates are pendent and unsupported (the strain on the upper links which bear the weight of all the rest, being so great) are continually breaking apart, after being worn a short time.
    To give greater strength to the connections between the plates, and make these connections so far independent of the plates, that the strain or the weight is not borne by the plates, or transferred from one plate to another, is the object of my improvement.
    My invention for effecting this object consists in connecting the plates by means of metallic bars extending across the back of each mother of pearl plate, and riveted thereto, on either side of the center, and then connecting the ends of the bars with each other by an intermediate metallic link.
    By reference to the accompanying drawing my improvement in connecting the plates in strung pearl work, will be fully understood, and in which—
    (A) represents the mother of pearl plates forming the foundation to the strung pearl, work. Across the back of each plate extends one or more metallic bars (b) and from these bars project points (c) which pass through the plates and are riveted to the face thus connecting the plates to the bars.
    The ends of the bars are connected with each other by one or more links (d) to give the necessary flexibility to the work. It will be seen that by this arrangement the strength of the connections between the plates is independent of the fragile material forming the foundation on which the pearls are strung; that each plate is supported independently, and that the weight or strain on one plate is not transferred to another as heretofore.
    Having thus described my improvement in strung pearl jewelry what I claim therein as new- and desire to secure by Letters Patent is—
    Connecting the mother of pearl, or plates of other material used to form the foundation on which the pearls are strung substantially as described, for the purpose as set forth.
    In testimony whereof I have subscribed my name.

    Henry Dubosq

    F. Southgate Smith
    F. S. Myer
  • He was a partner in 1828-1830 with William Rickards in Philadelphia PA as RICKARDS & DUBOSQ.
  • He was a partner in 1846-1851 with William A. Dubosq in Philadelphia PA as H & W DUBOSQ.

Henry married Mrs. Anna Dubosq.

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