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Ralph Thurston Haskins
  • Born: 24 Aug 1808, Boston MA
  • Died: 1890

  General notes:

Silversmith and jeweler

  Events in his life were:


  • Watch paper, c 1830
    American Antiquarian Society
  • Letter to MATHEWSON & ALLEN
    Private Collection

    Boston, Decr 16th 1839

    Mr Matthewson

    Dr Sir

                                  I arrived here Saturday eve Saw your brother at Lowell have the goodness to write to me by next Cors (?) saying whether you will be at home all this week and if I must come to P very soon on account of the Carr Case If you go south will you not buy some few Pearl Rings &c & some of Mr. Churchill's work


    R T Haskins

  • Letter to MATHEWSON & ALLEN
    Private Collection

    So Waterford June 18th 1844

    Mr Mathewson

                                  Dear Sir

                                                                I have asked Miss E to quit claim her right to the land and she is not willing Then again Father wants 250$ to make up the full amount due him that I was to pay for the place and what can I do about it? if there is any way that you can have a clear title to it will do any way that is right -- and if this cannot be arranged I will give up all my claim to the other farm &c if you pay the 1000 to Mr Platt -- you can sell any day & get your money again and more with it -- I expect to be in Boston again soon if time continues If you are in the city leave word what is best for you to act about this -- or write to me here when you get this --


    R. T. Haskins

    PS you will remember I was too pay $1200 for the Wm Farm but the place will not bring over 1000 if sold for Cash -- If you think best to take up Miss E's mortgage then Father will not require me to pay all the 250$ he will give way & do right by all concerned --


  • He appeared on the 1870 census taken at Rochester NY, listed as a jeweler.
  • He appeared on the 1880 census taken at Rochester NY, listed as a watch merchant.

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