American Silversmiths

William Gilbert
Aeltje Verdon
(Abt 1721-)
William W. Gilbert
(Bef 1746-1832)


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William W. Gilbert
  • Born: Bef 5 Mar 1746, New York City NY
  • Christened: 5 Mar 1746
  • Died: 14 Feb 1832, New York City NY

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  • Alternate Mark

  • Alternate Mark

  • Sugar bowl, c 1765
    Private Collection
    h: 5 1/2"
    With a matching creamer, engraved LVK for a member of the Kirkland family.

  • Salver, c 1767-1775
    Museum of the City of New York 28
    h: 1 1/4
    d: 7 1/8"
    wt: 10 oz
    Engraved with Bayard family crest. A cann by Gilbert with matching crest is in the same collection.
  • Advertised in the New York Gazette (New York City NY), 1770-1772, as gold- and silversmith. 4
  • Advertised in the New York Gazette or Weekly Post-Boy (New York City NY), 27 Aug 1770,
    Tuesday Night last some Villains broke into the Shop of Mr. Gilbert, Silver-Smith in the Broad Way, and robb'd the same of near two Hundred Pounds, in Plate, &c. Diligent Search has been made after the Thieves, but we have not heard of any Discovery being made.
  • Appointed in 1782-1788 as Alderman in New York City NY 4
  • New York City NY, 1786: member of Gold and Silversmiths' Society. 4
  • New York City NY, 1786-1804: listed in city directories as silversmith. 4
  • New York City NY, 1788-1793: assemblyman 4

  • Marrow spoon, c 1790
    Henry Luce III Center for the Study of American Culture
    l: 8 3/4"
  • New York City NY, 1809-1812: state senator. 4

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