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Ephraim Wheeler
Mariah Glazier
Glazier Wheeler
(1726-After 1785)


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Glazier Wheeler
  • Born: 18 Jun 1726, Lancaster MA
  • Christened: 18 Jun 1727
  • Died: After 1785, New Salem MA

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  Events in his life were:

  • , . He was first convicted in 1755 when he was put in the pillary and dragged to the gallows and made to stand with a rope about his neck. In 1763 he was again arrested and jailed in Worcester, tried, sentenced to prison for 20 years and soon broke out.
    Stephen Burroughts, the imposter minister of Pelham took lessons from him in New Salem in the science of "alchemy". Presumably the Simon Davis father and son who were arrested in Charlestown "of Quabin" for passing counterfeit money a few years prior to 1763 were allied with Glazier Wheeler. Early in the 1770s, he supplied coinage dies to Noah Colton and Samuel Casey. Kentfield's Counterfeiting in Colonial America says that Wheeler remained at large and at work until the night of Jan 21, 1774 when the Sheriff of Grafton County, New Hampshire seized him and Peter Hobart. The latter turned king's evidence against Wheeler. In 1785 at the age of 69 he was sent to the Northampton jail and escaped again. Caught, he was sent to "The Castle" in Boston Harbor and by orders of the Superior Court had his ears cropped. Stephen Burroughs was tried at the same time as Wheeler and gives several accounts of the man in his Memoirs. He served time for his conviction and later worked for the Philadelphia Mint.

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